Lemon helps to keep ants and other pests away from kitchens etc.

dealing with ants invading your home or garden


  1. Place one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of powdered boric acid in a covered jar. Make holes in the top large enough for the ants to enter. They take the mixture back to their nest. Soon, you won’t have any ant problem.


  1. To get rid of ants in the garden and house, mix four teaspoons powdered boric acid, one cup sugar and three cups water. Bring to a boil: cool and pour some into a small bottle. Puncture holes in the lid. Stick a straw in one hole and put the other end of the straw where you’ve seen ants. Refill the bottles as needed. Ants will be gone within 2 weeks. Store in a cool place and label the bottle ‘’ant poison’’. Keep away from children.
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  1. To keep ants from following a trail into your house, garden or shed, wipe the trail area with vinegar. It destroys the scent, which the ants follow.
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  1. Lemons will discourage ants from entering your home. Just put lemon slices around your doorway or wherever ants are getting in. Within 2 hours they should be gone.
  2. Diatomaceous earth will kill all kinds of pests: slugs, roaches, beetles, earwigs and ants both indoors and out. It is odorless and non staining. It works well in cracks and crevices, behind stoves and sinks, in garbage cans, window frames, attics and basements.


From: 1,112 Down-to-Earth Garden Secrets. Country Books.





  1. Thanks a million and one for this important information.
    I miss my Linden Flower Tree’s blossoms, because of the ants, now I know how to naturally remove them from the tree.


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