Solitude shares the time of day…

with wisdom’s smallest warriors







  1. Love the title! “Wisdom’s smallest warriors.”
    Indeed, flowers and children are true warriors.
    Wise words! and photos to matc.


  2. P.S. that fake Sant threatened to kill one of my family, via his minion’s who was using the Tor Browser to leave me a message on my Contact page.
    Anyway, I decided to stop posting after that because I got scared (I found out since then that the fake Sant ordered a “hit” on a lawyer representing one of the victims), however, then I decided to do another post to show that I am scared. This is the days of the internet, and my having posted about him actually protects me and my family.

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    • how chilling and horrifying the world is becoming. I really hope it is protecting your family. nowadays nothing seems safe any more. fake swamiji seem to be slithering out of every possible corner of the world and India seems to be the worst! Asaram Bapu is another horror and now his son too caught for rape and other things.

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      • Rajinder the fake saint lives in the USA mostly.
        He’s in with the Jewish mob in Chicago, Rham Emanuel (Jewish mob and Mossad agent, second generation Mossad) the mayor, has Rajinder’s business, Sofbang, run a large part of the city, for example, he has contracts with the Chicago Park, Chicago Zoo, etc.
        Also, Rajinder’s clothing company is in with the elite duel citizen Israelis (also the Jewish mob), he has impunity from prosecution due to his connections.

        I figure, by posting, I leave a digital track record of my exposing him, my family has told me to continue posting my poetry, and the info about the devil’s minion, Rajinder, because none of us are afraid to die, if one gives up their voice that speaks the truth out of fear and intimidation, then life is not worth living, anyway, one needs to take risks for Truth, Justice, and Peace.

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  3. how horrible and yet so easy to believe. Money and greed can win over anything which is why in India, during the Godra riots in Gujarat, 2000 and more Muslims, women and children, were raped and murdered and nothing has happened. USA which had refused to give Modi a visa then, has now pampered him for business. when I was a journalist reporting on consumer stories I got a lot of threats from businesses, but since the cases were already resolved in the court, they could not do anything, though they did try. but it always feels better, as you say, to speak out the truth. fake saints from India have a gala time in USA! horrors! here too they are getting worse. Ram Dev is another creep who does yoga and lures millions of idiots to his ghastly spell and sells drugs claiming to cure paralysis, cancer etc.


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