Slugs hate coffee!

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Slugs hate coffee grounds and they dislike garlic which comes in handy for gardeners!


Slugs hate caffeine because it causes them to produce an excess of slime which immediately dries them out and does not let them eat up our plants. So spread spent coffee grounds around a line of emerging seedlings or a new plant, to keep the slugs away!



5 thoughts on “Slugs hate coffee!

  1. Do you know how to make ants leave a tree? without using chemicals, of course.
    My precious Linden Flower Tree, won’t bloom anymore due to the ants.


    1. here is one tip I found: place one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of powdered boric acid in a covered jar. Make holes in the top large enough for ants to enter. They take the mixture back to their nest. Soon you won’t have any ant problems, says this book. boric acid worked very well for the roaches in my kitchen.

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      1. You are a saint, and I believe that a true saint is someone who is a true human being. This totally enlighten hypnotic mind control is induced magical thinking, having said that, though, I do meditate every day, but not the meditation the fake saint taught, I watch the breath, and observe sensations and thoughts that arise, with the observer, not the reactive self.

        Thank you for your kindness to me, I’m deeply moved,


      2. same here to you! reading my stuff and talking about it is magic for me. I meditate with lessons learnt from my cats! Now boric acid of course is not organic and you might find it hard to use so I am trying to find even kinder ways to deal with ants. actually when I find them eating up the remains of the cat food every morning I just keep it out in the garden till they finish! it is so hard to kill life isn’t it? which is why human wickedness is so hard to deal with

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