Chandigarh School ordered to refund money to father of toddler by consumer forum

Chandigarh school found guilty of unfair trade practice & ordered to refund Rs. 30,000 to father of little girl


Who says Home Schooling isn’t the best after all?

Schools have now become as capable of making profits with unfair trade practices, as doctors and quacks! This was revealed from a consumer case in Chandigarh.

Anurag Sharma of Chandigarh had paid up Rs. 63,000 for admission of his little girl to Nursery Class in the Vivek High School, Chandigarh. But before the school began he was transferred out of Chandigarh by his office. He told the school about this and requested them to refund the amount he had paid them.



The school however refunded only Rs. 33,000 and kept back the remaining Rs. 30,000 for what they claimed had been administrative charges. He complained to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum which found the school guilty of unfair trade practice and ordered it to refund Rs. 30,000 to Anurag Sharma along with Rs. 7000 for causing him distress and another Rs. 5000 as court costs.


The school went in appeal to the higher court, the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission which also found the school guilty of unfair trade practice as well as unethical profit making misbehavior.


The Judge, Justice Jasbir Singh, President of the Commission was aghast to find that the school had retained the money arbitrarily like a tuck shop for profit making. It had already received another child in place of the consumer’s child and got the same amount of money. But it wanted to profit by keeping this money also! “Not a penny loss was caused to the school” he ruled.


He dismissed the appeal. The school will now have to refund the amount with the compensation failing which it would face the consequences from the court.

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