Make a Trash Can Composter!

Compost in a Trash Can?


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If you have an extra plastic trash can that you use to put leaves and grass in, you can even convert it into a composter!

Just cut off the bottom with a saw or knife and place your new unit onto the soil somewhere in your garden.



Drill about 24 to 48 quarter-inch holes in the sides of your can to increase the air flow, or leave it as it is and have a closed air system.

You can bury the bottom of your can a few inches below the soil surface and press the loosened soil around the sides to secure it. To increase your composter’s capacity, just dig deeper – about one or two feet down. Digging also creates access for nature’s helpers to enter, decompose and ‘’shrink’’ your materials!

From: Backyard Composting: Harmonious Technologies.

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