The Soul tries out Carrot Soup!

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The morning scowled down upon me

Measly and mean, ready to thwack down

A ton of ledgers and reprimands of truly

Despicable proportions, to crush me up

For once I woke up calmly and first listened

To the warbling of my oldest senior cat, a


Grey as the sea, white as basmati rice cat

Who often likes to be my Mom as she packs


In a pound of tenderness into my soul when

Bitten by bugs of anxiety and defeat, saying

‘’nothing and no one is going to badger you

today” so I soaked up her sweet warbling


wondering yet again – why are cats so much

better, sweeter, softer, kinder, more reliable,

less kinky and always more adorable than us?

DSCN7432 (1)

Then I brushed, washed, combed and then

Informed the Gatekeeper of my Soul, GUILT

That she was fired! And as Pari my mother-cat

Fell into a snooze I travelled backwards into

A lesser visited silver grove of my soul, and

Began to discover it had a small snug secure

FSCN7665 (1)

Safe deposit of sensible ornamentals to lure

The heart into somewhat honorable, warm

And wise pursuits needing instant attention

So it visited a bed ridden friend, 87 years old

& weak, to find that her nurse, kind but a

terrible cook was feeding her carrot soup made


of just carrots and water! Not even cooked!

So the heart travelled into a cooking lesson

Of carrot soup, inside which trundled a bunch

Of capsicums, beans, cabbages, onions, and

Then butter, pepper & salt, and a fat dollop


Of cheese! As the soup got going with cutting,

Scraping, boiling, simmering: then got steamed,

Strained & seasoned, the heart warmed up as

It fell inside an Ogden Nash orgy of hilarity &

fattened itself up with mad marvelous mischief


then the tapestry of tenderness spread itself

out thickly, richly, over the bubbling, blessed

buttered broth of carrots & the superior company

of Ogden Nash & the never drying up Rose

Garden of the soul’s lustrous planting of peace


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