Consumer perplexed by dead Apple Phone gets his money back through consumer forum






Kewal Nain Singh an Australian resident had

purchased a mobile Apple i-Phone 6, 64 GB, Space Grey in Australia in the month of September, 2014. However, when he visited India, all of a sudden the mobile handset had gone dead! He took it to the authorised service provider of Apple India, Paramatrix Info Solutions Chandigarh. It was in International warranty period so they checked it and then told him that it would be replaced with a new one. He was also given a job-sheet/service report.

But later they informed him that it could not be replaced as it was damaged by water. But this had not been mentioned in the job sheet. Now they asked him to pay up Rs. 23,000 as repair costs for the handset which was in warranty period! He complained to the consumer disputes redressal forum in Chandigarh against   Apple India Private Limited, Bangalore and its customer care service Paramatrix Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh, India.

Apple did not turn up in court despite being given notice. Paramatrix Info denied all the complaints of the consumer and said that they had told him to contact Apple India directly as it was the warranty provider. They had not told him that he would be given a new unit, they claimed.


The consumer forum found all the submissions made by Paramatrix Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd to be vague and outright rejected them. None of their claims could be seen on the Job Card! The forum President and members concluded the buyer had not been given proper service by Apple or its consumer care firm. Finding both firms guilty of deficient service the President Rajan Dewan ordered Apple India and Paramatrix Info Solutions to pay up Rs. 62,500 to the complainant as the cost of the mobile and another Rs. 10,000 for causing him mental agony and physical harassment!And another Rs. 7000 towards court costs.


























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