Treat your garden to The Miracle of Mulch

The Miracle of Mulch & your Garden


When you apply compost to your soil you are setting up a bank account! In the case of mulch you are buying an insurance policy to ensure the health of your yard, protecting it from blistering heat, thunder and lightning.


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Mulch is a layer of vegetative matter you put over your soil to enrich its health. Mulch is like the leaves that plants and trees drop down around their bases. The fallen leaves become the mulch over their surrounding soil and protect it from the elements. Strong winds and torrential rains can batter bare soil but mulch protects it.


Dedicated mulchers don’t even bother to compost. They just add thin layers of organic matter to their garden and let nature do the composting for them! Nature breaks down the organic matter and turns it into rich humus.


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People who mulch say that mulch means less work and healthier, more pest free plants. One mulcher says : Mulch makes my pocketbook sing. My water bill is a third of what it used to be.”


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Bryce Martin, San Gabriel, California: “I wouldn’t consider growing roses without 3-4” mulch. Without it, I’d be watering every day instead of twice a week.”


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Another mulcher says: “All our gardens are mulched. We use less water, less often. Mulches also look good, save labor, cut down on weeds.”


From: Backyard Composting. Harmonious Technologies.

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