Treat your roses to chives!

Treat your roses to chives!


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Organic gardeners who prefer not to use chemical sprays on their roses, use the hose nozzle to shoot water on the aphids that attack them, and get rid of them.

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Many have planted clumps of chives between rose bushes and claim that they have never been annoyed by aphids again.


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Caterpillars can be picked off by hand. Interplanting is another good trick: tobacco stems repel insects according to a member of the Municipal Rose Garden of Rochester, N.Y. He suggests planting insect repellant flowers like the geraniums near roses as protection against Japanese beetles. Marigolds, asters, chrysanthemums and cosmos are also good to plant around rose bushes.


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Many gardeners and experts on roses have found that the more you spray chemicals, the more you need to use, so it is a waste and harmful for the soil.

Chives chase aphids away from roses and are also good to use in salads!

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