Saving 60 million trees every year!


DSCN0617 (1)By buying less packaging we will save money. We will also spend less time battling with shrink-wrapped foil-coated wrappers, and there will be much less rubbish to put out!

Less packaging requires fewer resources and reduces pollution around mines and factories. Reducing the paper used in packaging by 50 per cent would save 60 million trees every year!

Less packaging also means less land is needed for dumping our waste!

Carry your own shopping bags and get into the habit of carrying your own carrier bag in your pocket.

DSCN0617 (2)

Avoid products that come with a lot of plastic packaging. Fruits, vegetables and meat do not need plastic trays to protect them.

Choose recycled cardboard egg boxes instead of plastic ones.

Store food in the fridge in re-usable airtight containers, not clingfilm.



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