Chocolate Cake fell out of the hillock of Left Overs!

Chocolate Cake that came out of the

horrifying hillock of Left Overs!


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The day finally arrives which you thought would never

Come for you, when you slide deeper inside the dreadful

Grey green cheesy blanket an aunt had lovingly gifted you

And decide to let the tortoise shell cat remind you firmly about

Breakfast while you stay underneath and find out whether

This weird warming eiderdown will really finish you off! Or not!

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The dark has overtaken you and not even Beethoven’s Egmont

Will firmly, fantastically pull you out of your tangled, tormented

Landfill of too many unsolved unkind miseries and mutton headed

Enemies have finally won over you and what can you do but dive

Underneath? But being a woman, finally I give in to the Tortoise

Shell, as her paws gently begin to put out tiny claws and her gold

Eyes are as stunning as Beethoven’s 5th and Egmont put together!

After feeding the cats and letting coffee work on me I finally begin

To clear out the book room to give away more trash to the seller

There I fell upon this book of recipes from Haier which I had never

Opened till now. There was a recipe for a chocolate and walnut cake

That enticed me.


I had tried three earlier recipes which had not turned

Out good enough to use with the very superior walnuts that my sister

Had sent me from Atlanta. So I went to work on this one: the result was

Awesome! It took only five minutes to make in the microwave and tasted

So good I forgot all about that landfill of lethargy that had kept me under

The grey green oily looking blanket of burial and crushing misery!

P1080770 (1)

How to make chocolate and walnut cake in five minutes: Ingredients: 3 eggs, one cup oil, one cup flour, one cup caster sugar,

One tsp. baking powder

4 tsp. cocoa powder

handful of walnuts

one fourth cup Pepsi/Milk

few drops Vanilla essence.


Method: 1. In a mixing bowl place eggs, vanilla essence, oil and beat it lightly.

  1. Sieve flour, castor sugar, cocoa powder and baking powder into the mixing bowl
  2. Add Pepsi/milk and walnuts and mix it.
  3. In a greased microwave safe cake dish, pour the batter and microwave for 5 mins. At 100 % power.
  4. Garnish with chocolate icing and fresh fruits. (From: The Haier Guide to Inspired Cooking).
  5. P1080837


I iced it with small colored Cadbury’s gems and it was like a small slice from heaven’s bakery that arrived in five minutes! But you can use strawberries, bananas, or any fruit you fancy.


When the glum looking trash collector came, along with the old books, magazines and newspapers, he also got the grey green oily imitation silk or most probably polyester blanket that he was very happy to take away. He looked less glum but eerily the house displayed unmistakable joy over its departure!



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