Unplug Broadband when not in use!


Leafy areas are good for children & unplug broadband etc. when not in use!


Researchers from Columbia University in New York found that children who live in leafy areas have lower rates of asthma. It could be the trees filtering the air, or it could be children tempted to play outside more!

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And then household pollutants can be cleaned up by growing a Peace Lily, a Spider Plant or a Philodendron inside which are all very good at removing formaldehyde from the air, according to NASA studies.


Eighty five per cent of the money spent on powering the world’s computers is wasted on machines that aren’t doing anything! Remember to switch off every plug that is not in use!


Turn off your broadband when you don’t need to be connected to the whole world, and switch it off at the end of the working day! Switch off the sockets to make sure devices aren’t still secretly using power! Turn the printer off standy too!


Unplug chargers when done. If you can feel that a charger or transformer is hot, or if it has a light on, it is using electricity even if it is not charging anything.




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