Leave Peat alone while gardening!

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Here is more news about how gardens are destroying the peatbogs. In the UK and Ireland, over 94 per cent of peatbogs have been damaged or demolished by business to sell them to gardeners. It is used to improve soil, as a mulch and growing medium though there are many other alternatives to do this which are cheap and always available.

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Peatbogs are important sites for wildlife and also help absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It can take from 7000 to 10,000 years to produce a layer of peat – 7-10 m thick!

In the US most of the peat comes from Canada, where it is strictly regulated, but it still takes many years for a bog to recover! The urgent message from the planet is: don’t use peat in your garden!


Choose instead of peat: compost kitchen wastes and use your own home made soil. Buy compost bags labeled ‘’peat-free’’. Make your own compost and use it as mulch and soil conditioner. Then there is coir, composted wood, bark, green waste etc. All these are as good to use!

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