The Rose Garden inside my cat?


I often wonder why the world is so obsessed with roses! We only have to see a fresh new rose, postbox red, sun kissed yellow, or white as milk, and we go ooh and aah!

I wonder whether it is not so much the beauty of this flower but its serenity that somehow sneaks inside us and comes alive on critical collapsible torn apart times, to rescue us?

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Perhaps it is the rosy soft eiderdown of your mind that begins to pick out the diamonds from the shards of a devastated day? Or even the comforting rose scented aunty side of you that begins to show you how it is not all bad today!

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I had to get a maddeningly necessary Government identity card, my adhar card reprinted with my new mobile number. I hated the boring, extra, cumbersome task that had to be done. The young woman at the counter handling this told me that I would have to wait in the queue early in the morning, to get a coupon for it. There were only 30 coupons given to meet her. Her office would open at 8-30 and there would be a crowd which would start at seven, to get the coupon!

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I was not keen on this so I decided to go back to the young man I had met before this woman who had put me off because he said the whole card would have to be filled in again! But this seemed better than waiting in a crowd. I went back to him, and he at once filled up the card himself, got the new number put in, and I had to wait only five minutes! He also charged a very nominal fee.


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Then I went to buy vegetables and was depressed to see the sad, old, softened and dried up potatoes, full of roots in the shop. But then there was a fresh, snowy white cauliflower which I bought!


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As I picked up the fish for the cats I saw the abominable stall nearby where hundreds of baby chicken and moms sat sadly dumbly inside miserable little cages, waiting to be killed and eaten. This was always the worst part of the fish buying! And yet I wondered why I never feel as sad for the fish?!!!!

Already glum I still had to go to the bank for an update and was even more glum. I decided to skip it. But in front of the bank was a young woman selling jackfruits! I adore them and am never able to find them. There she was, and I bought five small pieces for which she gave me one extra with a very sweet smile added!



The day appeared to be balancing itself out, as I trudged through all the chores. And when I finally cooked the fish with rice for the cats, the smallest, very wounded cat, who has not let 17 vets, and twenty alternate medicines heal her hot spots, yodeled and screeched and tore around the house so ecstatically I wondered if the entire rose garden of mesmerizing happiness had begun to grow inside her!







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