Dr. Batra still hoodwinking consumers gets award from East India Comedy, a Comedy Show which laughs at his ridiculous claims!

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Dr. Batra’s homeopathic clinic which has been hauled up several times by the Advertising Standards Council of India, has done it again this year! His hilariously false claims of curing ailments of all kinds with a percentage index such as 94 per cent for every patient cured was not proven. He also claimed to cure leukoderma and violated the terms of the The Drugs and Magic Remedies Act which forbids any advertisement for treating incurable diseases.

But after being castigated by the ASCI, this Doctor has also acquired the very dubious fame of being given an award by the EIC, a reputed Indian Comedy Channel!

  • Dr Batra’s Homeopathic Clinic: The advertisement’s claims, “We have successfully treated more than ten lakh patients having Skin conditions, Women’s disease, High sugar levels, Overweight, Sexual Problems, in every age person” and the visual implying cure of Leucoderma are considered to be, prima facie, in violation of the DMR Act and the D&C Act. 
says the Advertising Standards Council of India ASCI.





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