The Gorgeous Ivy Home…

The gorgeous Ivy Home in St. Albans


I was walking down the road from St. Albans Cathedral to the train station last month when I took the wrong turning. Instead of the train station I came upon a gorgeous house that was dressed up in an astoundingly neat and royally designed ivy garment. Though it was a hot afternoon and I was exhausted, this house took the breath away as it calmly showed everyone how lovely houses can look with an overcoat of ivy or wisteria or jasmine etc.


Common ivy is very good for treating a corn, says The Green Witch by Barbara Griggs. Take a bunch of ivy leaves, soak them for a day or two in Cider vinegar or for two to three hours in pure lemon juice. Then give your feet a long, soothing soak in very hot water. Apply two or three leaves to the corn, and tape neatly into place. Repeat this till the corns are soft enough, then lift out!

FSCN4313 (1)



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