Every bright sunbeam had fallen out of this woeful well


Every bright sunbeam had fallen

out of this woeful well of changes

An old friend had to start using

diapers and a wheel chair on the

same day and typhoid had made

her lose her appetite, she even

would not have a cup of coffee

though she was a great addict!

She would not talk on the phone

And nor would she read or watch

Television. The day snuffed her out

Of its reach. Silence engulfed us

And suddenly there was only the

Garden remaining to lean on. So

I went downstairs, out of the gate

Now a scented green arbor with

A showering of miniscule white

Flowers that a wind brushed

Through to wrap me up in a

Soft, tender, trailing curtain

Then I found an astounding

Mound of pink and red polka

Dots that had filled up, and

Fallen out of several pots inside

The old green tub on the pavement


They all had risen high and yielded

A huge thatch of cuttings to plant

Inside five empty mud pots

Also rich with composted fresh

Home made soil, and then there

Were riches coming up from

Nothing, with the white flowered

Green scented creeper madly

gladly filling up my nose with

its persistent serene perfume and

I was engulfed by enchantment

while the woeful tide washed

Away in heaven’s perfumery for

A spell of respite and radiance


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