The Rose & Gordon Ramsey for the querulous Kitchen of the Soul


DSCN5083Roses seem to review our days

In every kind of attention as if

They feel we really need their

Help as we fry ourselves up,

Demote and denigrate ourselves

DSCN4923 (2)
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Then fall into our blistering hot

Non stick frying pans to let glum

Regret and grotesque imagination

Nail us even more gruesomely

To the wall of wasted worries!

Then cook ourselves up in every

Kind of recipe that roars with

Resignation, ransom notes from

The unforgiving soul that steeps

Us in its tea kettle of tormented


Tampered tottering traumas!

Roses then bring us round to

A new way of dealing with this

Ghastly kitchen of mortification

That not even Gordon Ramsey

Wants to have to deal with!

So then the rose reminds us

To do nothing and just sit down

In the centre of ourselves, where


The querulous, queer kitchen’s

Gordon Ramsey presides to bring

Us back where the borders of

Solitude have always been and

Will take us in with no charge!

DSCN5092 (2)

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