The Garden’s Little Green Hat!

The garden’s Little Green Hat!

FSCN2201 (1)

Today taught me this:

That right inside the

Stench of the most

Severely hobbled hour

Of the most disabled

Drooling dread sewn day

The garden can step into

The sour stench of failure

To put its little green hat

Over the rotted swelling

To perk up the pitiful cold

Minutes with a sugaring of

A loaf of medicinal magic

It could be the arrival of

A long lost and given up

For dead, pink and green

Fittonia that had come up

Out of all places, inside the

Red pot of a chrysanthemum

To gleam up at you and shine

Chirpily into the abyss of

Everything gone awry and

Unsettled, unusable and

Untied and unsolvable to

Say maybe if we just tried

This one new, blue lotion?!



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