My Rose Pavilion of Left Overs!

My Rose Pavilion day with Left Overs!


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Guilt wrapped me up tight in its bony hands on a Sunday. 1. over that still unsolved work wound now infested with bitter grey green maggots! 2. with worry and grief over a distant relative so old and in pain and in hospital, 3. and those worrisome meddling women, a large army of them in the park to help customers, watching me ravenously, furiously for bribes, (they are always missing when really needed to find a plant) 4. that creepy little man in the vegetable market trying to force me to buy all his old stock of snacks who is like the ghoul at the end of my park trip! Then my Rose Pavilion came up inside and told me to just stay home! So I did just that!

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I think it is made up of memories of the most enchanting or enchanted roses that have ever slipped into my inner casket of better, buttered and blessed moments of magic!


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I did not even go to the grocery store for the soaps, salt, butter, eggs, yoghurt, greens all urgently needed, and cashew nuts just for fun, as it rained. I instead fell inside a lovely movie Rangoon (with the delightful, chirpy Kangana Raunat) and realized that though my favourite movie reviewer Anupama Chopra had found it flawed, it was really quite nice! Perhaps because the entire cast was very good, except for the British actor who hammed horribly! And yet Kangana Raunat held the entire movie in her slim body and swept me through the minutes gladly. The music was fresh as home made pancakes, and added to joy.


FSCN5059 (2)







Instead of napping in the evening and attracting the same sodden sour dreams boiled with work bullies and boors I went down to find one remaining spinach packet in the fridge, and two tomatoes! I cooked a spicy spinach dal, used up the last of the paratha dough and made six of them for dinner. Used up the last of the half cucumber for salad!


I then went up and looked at the very small red rose coming up on my terrace, which had grown a little bigger and warmed my rainy evening! Then the slate grey stray cat arrived and gratefully ate up all the left overs of the fresh fish my snooty cats had ignored on their plates. I wondered what it is about left overs being used up that makes all women so happy?!


Then I cleared out the leaves, mud and fish bones on the terrace and put them inside the compost bin. Planted several cuttings of the bronze and grey philodendron (which as usual was growing madly, rapidly, generously, inside five pots) on top of the compost just to see what could happen with it! Made hot coffee and enjoyed it.


The rose pavilion inside me noted this day hugely filled up with only left overs which had mysteriously clocked up endless hours of shimmering happiness!


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