Fat Loss Clinic cheats consumers with FDA name!

FSCN5046The Food and Drug Administration in America might want to look at this story! The Advertising Standards Council of India received a complaint from a smart person who saw this false advertisement and made them aware of it. The ASCI pulled it up and it was removed! But till we stop trying to lose weight by using outside sources, such as chemical pastes, powders, pills and potions, and instead walk more and exercise, such ‘clinics’ will keep trying to lure us!

This firm even tries hard to please buyers by lying that it has been approved by the FDA!






Lifespan Clinic India (Lifespan Diabetes Clinics): The advertisement’s claim, “Zerona – world’s best waist reduction treatment”, was not substantiated with authentic supporting data to prove that it is indeed World’s best treatment for waist reduction. Further the data submitted as evidence for the claim, “Approved by Food and Drug Administration (USA)”, did

not correspond to the advertised product “Zerona”. Also, the claims are misleading by exaggeration says the Advertising Standards Council of India.

DSCN4929 (2)

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