The London Cemetery that is ALL for Wildlife!

The cemetery that stands up for Wildlife!


Cemeteries are always crammed with nuggets from history – holding lost lives and forgotten stories. But the Nunhead Cemetery in London, in the Nunhead area of Southern London (52 acres) and site of the Metropolitan Importance for Wildlife is an important depository of the dead, that covers their resting place with every possible plant or flower to lure wildlife into its fold!


It is run by the Friends of Nunhead cemetery who have revived this once derelict and vandalized place and turned it into a popular place for locals walking their dogs. This haven for trees, shrubs, flowers, a pond, and many creepers lures butterflies, insects, songbirds, wood peckers and tawny owls! As you walk through its soothing tree caressed zone, you can hear all those important sounds signifying a rich population of wildlife – bird song, insect chatter, owl hooting and more.


It has many First and Second World war graves and tombstones of several important historical figures from all over the world. Though it is still badly in need of more repairs, it has already been enriched by all the treasures that wildlife donates to any place – especially the soothing sounds of peace.








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