Angels of Atrophy…

The angels of Atrophy! My seventh Angel Sighting!


When we come out of that dark chasm, which gobbles us up every so often in our journey through life, I always like to do a small inventory and put down what helped the most! The angel that arrived when the black carpet covered up everything good, wholesome, important and worthwhile!


Besides of course the family or the friend who was there for me, I like to remember the smaller, yet as important angels of atrophy which turned up when even human help was for some time out of reach.


A long time ago when the cousins I was sharing a house with were away for a wedding, I had fallen down the stairs in the middle of the night, and hit my head against the very hard stone railings. A small but deep cut on the hairline just above the forehead began to bleed heavily. It was also painful. Finding only a pain killer in the medicine chest, I took one, two and then three pills but the pain persisted and the bleeding continued.


Then I had remembered an old home remedy in a booklet of the World Health Organisation WHO, (which had collected grandma’s home remedies from several countries) which recommended using a green paste made from marigold leaves on a wound. I had recently bought four pots of orange marigolds! Since it was the middle of the night, I could not go out to find better help. I went out onto the terrace, collected a small bunch of leaves, made a paste and applied it to the wound. The cooling paste first of all reduced the pain almost immediately. Then very quickly it stopped the bleeding. I was stunned. The paste hardened and made a very sturdy bandage over the cut!


The doctor I visited the next day was impressed! He told me to leave the green bandage on for another day, and then to replace it with another! That was one of my best angel sightings from everyday life!








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