London’s achingly moving cemetery


Visiting graveyards may seem spooky to some. But to me they mean peace of a very gentle kind. There are untold stories there of heartaches and despair, love and loss, hope and prayer.


Of the three graveyards I was able to visit, the one that brought the most awesome peace and heartaches was the West Norwood Cemetery. There were the graves of the very young, which are always  moving. Then there were the gorgeous graves of the rich and the creative. Two graves made of tiny rooms had stained glass windows in them which were enchanting! While one had lost some of the stained glass, another had survived the cruelty of time’s wounds.



Almost every grave in the centre of this exquisitely preserved, lovingly looked after cemetery will talk to you of life and its endless complications and connections! I was even lucky enough to meet some cheeky squirrels eating up paper for some weird reason! Then there was a pigeon, the typical graveyard angel! The cemetery is so exquisite and so well kept, it is worth a visit or even two for all those who find that often the very real peace is to be found around the junction where death rules and holds all the cards!


This cemetery is so easy to find. You need to take just one train from Victoria at London and it is a three minute walk from West Norwood station to this gorgeous cemetery.




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