Where hope waits for one tender heart, HOME & GARDEN to arrive!

Where hope lies in wait for HEART HOME & GARDEN!


hope1When we entered the Battersea Dogs & Cats home  which was clean, friendly and warm, we were immediately accosted by the beseeching look from a tom cat named Toby. His eyes rested on each and every visitor like a magnet!


His is a cat waiting for that one special heart that will resonate with his and take him home to a place of safety, love, comfort and tenderness! There were around 15 cats on that day, and most of them were ready for adoption.

But Toby stole the show  even as he sometimes took time off from giving his beseeching looks to visitors, by tumbling over a small ball of catnip to sniff up some joyous excitement!


His plea read that he was a gentle Tom ready for his own home and family and if a garden was added to this requirement, he would become the happiest cat in Battersea!




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