Even empty Pizza Boxes are good for wildlife!

Even empty Pizza Boxes are better than no compost for wildlife!


Home made compost made from your egg shells, vegetable peelings, tea and coffee grounds are the best soil improvers you will ever have. They are also the cheapest! If you love wildlife, you must also begin to love composting! Compost heaps are a uniquely valuable wildlife habitat, says Ken Thompson in his book No Nettles Required The Truth About Wildlife Gardening!

No gardener with any interest in wildlife should be without one! “Even if your garden is almost entirely covered by decking and you eat no fresh vegetables at all, empty pizza boxes make an excellent compost heap ingredient!” he says.



But then all of us love some vegetable or the other – potatoes, cauliflowers, tomatoes, peas, cabbages: just something green for the Planet!

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