Let Lemon Juice be your Scented Cleaning Lady!

Let fresh or organic lemon juice and hot water clean up for you!


Studies have shown that multi-purpose cleaners contain detergents, solvents and disinfectants. Ammonia, ethylene, and other unreadable chemicals all wait for us in these cleaners and repeated exposure to them can affect the central nervous system.

Alternative: Mix 125 ml of pure vegetable-based soap (ideally in flake form) with four litres of hot water. Add 60 ml of lemon juice to add a scent and to help break down grease. After cleaning, rinse surfaces with fresh water. It should be fresh lemon juice or organic lemon juice!


If you want a stronger wash, double the amounts of soap and lemon juice.


Did you know that more bleach and detergents are released into the environment from household waste than during their manufacturing process? Try a scrub of cold water and table salt, applied with a cloth or scourer, works as well as bleach on cutlery and breadboards.


From: A Good Life by Leo Hickman



  1. It must be fresh lemon juice or certified organic lemon juice, because the inorganic lemon juice in bottles, contain sulphites.


      • Dear Daksha,
        It brings peace to my mind to hear that you are shuddering over that Sant, because to regognize evil when it’s acting as good, while others march to the beat of evil’s soul-murder drumb, give me hope for humanity!

        I sincerely apologize for removing you as a follower of my blog a couple of days ago. I removed everyone that was following!

        Its due to the fact that the devil’s minion Sant had his minion’s threaten me via my Contact page, and I was in fear for my life and that of my family, so I thought that I would not keep posting, thus, the deleting the few followers that I had, however, I decided today that I would keep posting, no matter the consequences, I will not be silenced!

        Interestingly, I woke up to three of the followers that I had deleted following me again!
        Aha, I thought, a sign of persistence from the universe, keep on going on in the path of being a voice for the voiceless, and while doing that, speak the words flowers and birds whisper, too.


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