Magic is the geranium or wine remedy to treat a mouth blister!


When your mouth gets those painful little blisters around it, don’t panic!   Modern research has created a handy little medicine for this blight. You will need to use the sticky residue left in a glass or decanter after almost all the wine has evaporated! It contains the important element known as tannin! A Canadian scientist   says that this works to treat your sores. Just apply it over them.

You can also use cottonwood buds to apply on the sores this remedy: neat essential oil of lavender or Tea Tree, neat lemon juice, or 5 drops each of Eucalyptus and Tea tree oil, or Lemon and Geranium, added to a tablespoonful of vodka or gin, or ordinary alcohol and then applied carefully to the cold sole!

From: The Green Witch by Barbara Griggs


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