Let a lemon kill your cat’s FLEAS!

The best home made flea medicine in the world!


This might sound weird but it is true! It is now more than three years since I applied a lemon medicine on my five cats to remove the fleas attacking them! It was such a simple remedy that I did not believe it would work. But because I like lemons and try out every lemon remedy or recipy I know, I decided to give it a try.


Surprisingly I found this remedy in a gardening book! All I had to do was to boil one litre of water, put one or two large cut lemons in it, and keep it overnight. The next day I sprayed it on all my cats, using a sponge. They were furious. Cats don’t like citric smells and if you want to keep them away from the computer or the plants or the television, just keep fresh lemons around that area. They will keep away.


Well this spray worked so well that it is three years now since I used it. Not one of them has got a flea attack! All the flea medicines my family from the UK and my sister from Atlanta had sent me, are remaining unused in my cupboard!


Every person owned by cats should try this out just once! They will never need to use a chemical flea killer again!



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