We should avoid buying Shahtoosh shawls and choose ethical sellers


Shahtoosh shawls are made from the hair of the Tibetan antelope which is killed in the process. Because it is promoted by greedy sellers who tempt tourists with its many virtues, poaching is rampant. The antelope has become an endangered species. Look out for alternatives – shawls made of nettles, hemp or wool.


Buy less and check out eco fashions where you can enjoy garments made from bamboo, soybean oil and a Japanese leaf called sasawashi! It absorbs water very nicely and is antibacterial and odour resistant!

Wash less often and sponge off small stains and marks rather than washing the entire garment.

Look out for ethical fashion companies. American Apparel (www.americanapparel.net) is a good example of a company that promotes ‘clean’ clothes which are also trendy and inviting.



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