Get rid of your electric blanket…and buy LED bulbs the green angels for lighting!


Electric blankets are not as safe and healthy as we may think. But worse, they use up precious energy. It is a green habit to use a hot water bottle instead, thick organic cotton sheets, woollen blanket, organic cotton thermals.


Before turning on the heat, wear an extra sweater and socks and save energy and money.

Fit wooden shelves over radiators. A shelf above the radiator will force the warm air to circulate around the room instead of going straight up to the ceiling.

Choose a wood burner, not an open fire.


Choose LED rather than halogen spotlights. Light-emitting diodes (LED’s) are the new angels in the energy-efficient lighting sector and they are affordable, light the room brightly and are good for the planet. They last longer than conventional bulbs.


Keep on using the sun’s light, as long as you can, as it is free. Keep turning off the lights when you leave the room!

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