Why a Green Goodbye is important!

Why Green Goodbuys are Important!


A very important issue in caring for the planet is about how we plan our funerals! An eco friendly vicar in the UK came up with this idea in 2003 when he beseeched his congregation to think green when it came to their own demise!


In the UK every year 600000 coffins are made from chipboard, wood or MDF. 89 per cent of coffins sold are of the chipboard variety. But chipboard is not good for the planet. It takes very long to degrade, leaks formaldehyde and glues into ground water. When burned through cremation it can emit toxic gases into the air! The handles usually made from plastic can take hundreds of years to degrade!

The average funeral costs 753 pounds besides spoiling the earth! Are there greener and cheaper options? Yes, says Leo Hickman in his book A Good Life. Biodegradable cardboard coffins can be as cheap as 35 pounds! Many people don’t know that some burial sites and crematoria don’t require coffins at all. A biodegradable shroud is often acceptable if the body is supported on wood.


All countries should think of this greener option since even death can harm the planet in the most unexpected ways!


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