Flip Kart Internet & the Massive Discount!



A STRANGE case came up before the Consumer State Commission Delhi which revealed how Flip Kart Internet Ltd. New Delhi and Flip Kart Internet Private Ltd. Bangalore sells its goods online!

M.S. Randhawa of Delhi purchased Mayor Strike Running Shoes from Flip Kart online for Rs. 449. Flip Kart claimed that the actual price for it was Rs. 2999! This hefty discount had immediately coaxed Randhawa to buy the shoes!

Then as he was surfing the net for other sellers he found that Online Shopping Store Amazon was selling the same product and had quoted MRP of Rs. 899 with sale price of Rs. 499. Flip Kart had induced him to purchase the product by highlighting a hefty discount. It quoted Maximum Retail Price of the product as Rs. 2999! This amounted to cheating, he told the State Consumer Commission to which he complained asking for an exaggerated compensation from Flip Kart! The Judge dismissed the complaint saying there was nothing wrong with the sellers advertising their products as they wished. The consumer did not have to buy them!

But the fact remains that internet shopping is not as clean and reliable as it should be. Flip Kart had heftily raised the price of the product to lure the buyer into feeling he was getting a very massive discount!

It just goes to show that when we shop on line, with Flip Kart or any other store, we should be smarter than they appear to be! But most often, they win and we lose!



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