Eerie medicines for incurable diseases online: paralysis, diabetes, Hepatitis etc.


Baba Ramdev, the television evangelist and Yoga Guru is now selling his massive range of goods all over the world, or so it seems. His company Patanjali sells hundreds of products related to food, beauty products, and many in between items, which is all fine as long as consumers don’t get conned by the many very suspicious health products which are being promoted. Here is the list of his online products and in the health category almost all of them come strictly under the aegis of the Drugs & Magic Remedies Act. This Act forbids you from selling products that promise to cure incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, Aids, and many many more.

This controversial Guru has already annoyed The Indian Medical Association and the Advertising Standards Council of India, both of whom have castigated him for false advertisements and misleading consumers always vulnerable about their health. The Guardian in UK has also mentioned his dubious claims for curing cancer, and other deadly diseases with herbal pills and Yoga!


Product Categories

Weight Loss/Obesity
Memory Support
Lung Problem
Kidney/Renal Problems
High Blood Pressure
Hepatitis / Liver / Jaundice
Heart Care
Hair Loss / Dandruff
Gastric Troubles
Eye Care
Dental Care
Cervical Spondilitis/Backache
Arthritis / Joint / Knee
Acne / Skin Problems
Cervical Spondilitis / Backache
Mens Health
Urinary Problems
Womens Health


Another disturbing fact is the disclaimer that comes right under this list of the Yoga Guru’s astounding products which reminds all consumers that none of these items have been approved by the FDA in USA!

So hopefully consumers will not be conned and go running to be cured of their Men’s Problems (what exactly does this mean?) and also cancer, Jaundice, Hepatitis, and even for women’s problems like infertility! Worst of all is a medicine that will cure paralysis! It all sounds like a big fat quacking Mall of Quackery wrapped around the contortions of this Yoga Guru who claims that anything can be cured by just drinking up some herbal juice or the other!

Hopefully someone will start investigating this entire mess of Yogic Guru, false claims and dangerous cheating of gullible consumers.


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