Turn off the chandeliers for the planet!


We love to use our chandeliers for parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays etc. We also love our pendants, up and down lighters, dimmers, table side and floor lamps. But they consume a scary amount of energy, says Friends of the Earth.

The International Energy Agency has worked out that if the world switched to low-energy light bulbs it would save 16 billion tons of carbon dioxide, not to mention saving US$2.6 trillion in electricity bills!

Turn the lights off. Enjoy natural light which is free. Dust the lampshades and bulbs to get brighter light from them.

Go for LED bulbs! They won’t burn out, they use a tiny amount of energy (ten times less than incandescent bulbs) and will last up to 30,000 hours. I bought ten of these recently and each cost me only Rs. 100 with a slight discount from the Government shop which sells them. They light up each room brightly!


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