Don’t kiss your lawnmower too much!


A pleasing green lawn is what all gardeners want. But to keep it neat and tidy it has to be mown regularly.

But did you know that one lawnmower  produces as much pollution in an hour as 40 cars?  (From: A Good Life by Leo Hickman). Then there is the grass seed business which gives us a pathetic picture, not at all good for the environment! This multi million dollar global industry is dominated by just a handful of corporate biggies. Ready grown turf is so much in demand that Rolawn, Europe’s largest turf-grower has a 3000 acre site in the Vale of York. It could be one of the largest lawns in the world: imagine having to mow that! Just add up the numbers! If one lawnmower produces as much pollution in an hour as 40 cars, how much pollution will mowing this lawn create?

So for the sake of our planet don’t ache for the Perfect Lawn. Let nature nurture your lawn with less mowing. Let it grow longer, treat it to some gentle little gardens of wildflowers, and water it and feed it less. Invite wild life in by leaving large logs and small water gardens around in it! Be a different green gardener!


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