Want to nibble your way to a slimmer person?


The nibbler’s weight loss menu!


Could one really lose weight just by nibbling tasty foods? I found this tiny booklet at a second hand book fair and brought it home to read. It is the Prevention’s Guide to 50 super healing foods in which there is a chapter telling us how to lose weight just by nibbling smartly! It is also crammed with very useful information for learning about all the healthier foods to choose from, for keeping fit.

It seems worth trying out if one wants to lose weight. It tells us to nibble our way to slim with six meals a day. The writers admit that it may not help the reckless nibblers who might be tempted to just go on nibbling! But those who are dedicated to sticking to the regime, will get the help they need to slim.


The six meals a day programm consists of…

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