How to try out Advanced Cat-gardening!



If you want to enjoy your cat, try meditating with her or him, says Arden Moore in this book 50 simple ways to pamper your cat.

The writer who spoke to several experts in the cat world, dug out many interesting ideas for us to try! One is to chat with your cat often, softy, tenderly, so she will feel loved and cared for.


Grow some potted cat grass to feed your cat’s need for plants. Mine go crazy with Spider Plants, the Egyptian Plant, and lemon grass. Two of them won’ t allow any leaves to grow on the lemon grass, so I keep having to buy more every time. Luckily the Spider Plant puts out so many new little spiders, that it is easy to keep it always in full stock for their needs.


The bonus says the writer is that chewing on the grasses will reduce hair balls.

Treat your cat to a floor to ceiling scratching post. Or wrap colorful rope around a column, so your furniture is spared! Mine were tearing out the inner contents of all my mattresses, till I covered it up with thick cloth, or kept cardboard boxes around everywhere. They also attack the cane sofas and chairs and swings! I am thinking of a way to rescue them from those paws!


A very important advice is: keep all your family’s heirlooms out of reach of cat’s paws and games! Two of my stone elephants are now headless and are living in the garden,  their broken necks  ornamented with ivies!

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