The tree & shrub snuggling effect!


Shrubs snuggling up to our houses, along with trees, provide a natural, free, windbreak, and create a cooling shelter around us. They tempt butterflies and bees to visit.


Climbers also coax small wildlife to visit. Bulbs such as crocus, grape hyacinth and trees such as ivy provide pollen and nectar.


Leave a few piles of dead wood on the ground, which will shelter frogs, toads and newts.


Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a gardener’s friend as it can attract around 500 species of insect, more than half of them devourers of pests such as aphids and caerpillars!

In the UK, the native oak (Querus robur) supports 284 species of insects!

From: A Slice of Organic Life. Editor-in-chief Shererazade Goldsmith.



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