Avoid Bottled Water: environmental madness!


Bottled Water: environmental madness!

Every time you buy a bottle of water remember what a spokesman of Friends of the Earth said: “It’s absolutely absurd to be putting this very heavy bulky and yet supercheap product in bottles, which weigh almost as much as the product and carting them around the world.

It uses enormous amounts of energy and that, in turn, fuels climate change. Yet it’s climate change which is the biggest threat facing the world’s water resources in the future. This is just craziness!”

Instead you can fill up clean water from home, and carry it around for the day. Bottled water is not always safe, and there have been several instances of bottled water being found unsafe to drink.It is also costly and a threat to the planet.

from: A Good Life. The guide to ethical living. Leo Hickman.


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