The Magic that is Meryl Streep!


The postwoman had come trudging up the road carting a large parcel for me from my sister in Atlanta. The sweltering heat of summer was killing the post office woman and she had to be filled up with ice cold water.

I knew the parcel would have a large stock of catnip for my cats from Walmart! But besides that, and the chocolates and nuts and coffee powder etc. there was a book called Her Again Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman!


Magic of course began to shimmer on the cover of the book itself with Streep looking out solemnly at the world! Once I began it, it was difficult to put down. Magic is forked out equally by the exquisite writing, immensely researched, and the stunning actress! I haven’t read such a stupendous biography in a long time and the third magic that seeped out of this day was: how does my sister do it? She was never much of a reader, preferred cooking and psychiatry and orchids over everything. But her favourite pastime is walking around the Barns & Noble shelves digging out books for me. And she always finds true delight.


I learn that this book captures Streep’s early beginnings. So I am hoping there will be another treasure chest to gobble up sometime soon! Can we ever have enough of the woman who received the most astounding tweet recently and survived it superbly!


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