Tiny visitors love small gardens too!

greenmagiccTiny beauties come even to small gardens!


If you have only a roof terrace or balcony, and no room for trees, or climbers, grow a mixture of flowering plants to give a source of nectar for insects such as butterflies, moths and bees.


Birds would love to have a bird bath! So fill a shallow dish or platter or bowl with water to make this bath, attach a lightweight bird feeder to a window or fix a nesting box to a wall at least two metres off the ground. Alas numbers of sparrows have dropped dramatically in some areas in the UK and even in India due to building activities, and providing nest boxes will lure them to the garden.


Researchers have found that small gardens attract wildlife as much as big ones. In a survey of biodiversity in 61 private gardens ranging in size from 32-940 sq m (344-10,000 sq. ft) in the city of Sheffield in the UK, the researchers caught and counted an astonishing 40,000 individual invertebrates, and found nationally rare beetles, bugs, snails and flies, and a spider that had only previously been recorded on a mountain top! In London, 20 per cent of all open space is occupied by private gardens!


From: A Slice of Organic Life Editor-in-chief Sheherazade Goldsmith.


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