The magic of my solar water heater!

The Magic of my Solar Water Heater!


More than 12 years ago someone told me to put a solar water heater in my home. I was excited as it was a fairly new event then. I wondered how it would help as Bangalore was deliciously cool and the sun never bothered us enough to grumble about the heat wave!


But once the solar was put in, the sun began to astonish me. He (I somehow feel the sun is a He!) lavished boiling hot water on me, which made my normal heater jealous! I could not believe it. The sun also heated the kitchen sink water so I got hot water to wash all vessels!


Best of all was the rebate in my bills that the electricity department gifted me. Added to this was what the sun saved for me! Harvesting the sun’s free power to heat our water is one of the magical treats the planet has given us.


Now of course too many buildings have come up around my house and they all have covered up the sun’s rays but it still surprises me by heating up the water as well as ever, but a little later in the day!


It helps to minimize household carbon emissions. When guests come they look worried when they are requested to use the sun’s hot water, always expecting to be disappointed. Then they try him and he gives them boiling hot water! Happiness shimmers around the bathroom!


The biggest bill we always get is that from the conventional water heater! Once, before I had the solar, a guest had left it on when he was alone in my house, for the entire month that he stayed. The bill came to Rs. 5000! Now all that is a forgotten dread!


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