Weird toothpaste & The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act!


Naïve and gullible consumers are easily lured by health and fitness products and spend recklessly on anything that promises an almost magical cure for some ailment or problem! This naturally results in unfair trade practices and false claims made by companies for their products.

The companies mostly go for consumers obsessed with obesity, balding, cancer, aids, diabetes and  other such ailments.

One such company is disquieting and worrying as it has a very vast reach in the market and is even selling its products in America and elsewhere. The Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. whose numerous products are being gaudily and loudly promoted by Yoga Guru Ramdev is now in trouble with the Advertising Standards Council of India as well as scientific and research organization and Governmental bodies!


It is selling a product called Youwan Gold Plus (meaning Manly Gold Plus) is quite clearly if slyly targeted at men, promising sexual pleasures etc. But the ASCI pounced on this advertisement for being guilty of contravening The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act! Another company guilty of this same thing is Emami Ltd. for its Medicinal Oil!


Since the man promoting the Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. products is a Yoga Guru and is also a religious figure, Baba Ramdev is able to lure many consumers who are religious, gullible and perhaps a bit dumb! Or else, who would believe that a toothpaste is effective against pyorrhea, swelling and bleeding of gums, yellowing teeth, sensitive and bad breath?!! Even the writing of this advertisement is faulty! There is no scientific data to support these claims, hence it is misleading, said the advertising watchdog, ASCI!


This toothpaste costs six dollars online, for a 200 g. pack! One wonders how many buyers have bought it believing these claims!



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