The man who saved himself 11,000 pounds with low energy bulbs!

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The man who saved himself 11,000 pounds with low energy bulbs!


Rod Webb, owner of the Green Man pub in Milwich, Staffordshire, got tired of repeatedly replacing conventional light bulbs. He changed all 28 in the public bar to low-energy varieties! Good things began to happen like magic! His next electricity bill allowed him to halve the direct debit to the supply company. Over the 16 years that he has been using low-energy bulbs, he estimates that he has used 100,000 kWh less electricity than he would have done with ordinary bulbs. That is a saving of 11,000 pounds! He is a member of Friends of the Earth.

The only problem with this is also magical! He says that with ordinary bulbs he used to clean the lampshades each time he changed them. Now the bulbs last so long he has to remember to clean them!


This month I switched all the ordinary bulbs in my home to LED bulbs which cost only Rs. 100 each, and are bright and cheering. Last month I got a hefty bill for electricity and the electrician who came to put my new ones, said I would be surprised with my new bills! I am waiting for that magic to visit my home!


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