To celebrate a new baby, plant a tree!

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Plant a tree as A Baby Gift to the Planet!


A marvelous and long lasting way to celebrate the birth of a new baby is to plant a tree or two! This will add to the health of the planet as trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and clear the air!

You could get or plant a tree for the garden! If you have a huge garden you could plant several trees or even a small orchard! If you don’t have space you can still plant a tree for your area or even better, for a charity!

From: Eco Baby A Green Guide for Parenting by Sally J. Hall


2 thoughts on “To celebrate a new baby, plant a tree!

    1. i loved your blog on the charity shops. there are real treasures there! I used to go to the big gardens at Kew and other places and tremble at the prices for garden history books there. Then I discovered so many in charity shops just for a pound or two. It was magical!

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