Caturday: Cat Gardening and Zen for free

Cat-Gardening: Garden Grammar

First lesson comes free: the next one costs one packet of catnip and chicken wings!

The owner of a cat infested garden does not like to read up garden experts giving tips on how to keep cats out of the ivies and the ferns, and leaving the poor Creeping Charlie and the lemon grass in peace.

Such a person’s garden has the oddest grammar which spills out most eloquently on heart rending, soul sickened days! When that friend from the UK arrived, whom I hadn’t seen for the past 20 years, and startled me by telling me her astrological prediction: that I was likely to die this year, I at once ran into the garden, after she left. Not because I was scared of her prediction, but was reeling with disappointment that yet another seemingly bright friend had fallen into that fetid foolish pool of astrological idiocy!

I called up another friend, a journalist, like me, and moaned to her about this ghastly news and she sheepishly told me that she too consulted the family astrologer for every single matter of their lives! It seemed like I could only trust the garden which would definitely not be consulting any astrologer nearby.


Instead it just led me to her newest little surprise gift of the day. Inside the ghastly hole that my perennial garden rat had dug just by the mesh, I had filled up with a pot of composted soil. In it I had planted a cutting of a red geranium which had finally bloomed! I was comforted at once.

Then she showed me the small copper bowl a friend had given me, in which I had potted an ivy but which had also amazingly given me a cockscomb! A pale yellow one! From where its seed had arrived inside that copper pot, was a mystery laden with magic!


Then it showed me the carnivorous club of five furry pests that had invaded the house of a vegetarian who was still not able to cut that dear little chicken for their meals, hoping they would start enjoying tomato soup, cucumbers, and those milk and bread meals of long ago!

One of them sat by the red begonia, beaming, and the garden comforted me by saying “at least your Zen Meditation or Medication Classes are all free!” And I had to agree with her!




    • Yes I totally don’t believe in it! But Indians are perhaps the worst believers! This friend came to visit from America! and I was expecting to learn from her even wiser things! I was so surprised! thank you Mary! I in fact began to laugh when she told me this, and she was very upset!

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      • yes you are right! My friend had an aunt who lost one of her two sons, when he was a 25 year old army man. she went crazy with grief and visited every astrologer in town. finally a wise friend told her to take her son’s horoscope etc. to the most expensive astrologer in the City and to ask about the son’s future. she did this and the astrologer who advises the richest most powerful people in the country, glibly told her what the future held for her dead son! she then got back her strength and good sense and began to look after her second son whom she had been neglecting!

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