My 5th Everyday Angel Sighting!

My 5th everyday Angel Sighting!

The Asthma Angel!


The sighting of angels is an odd and mysterious phenomenon but all of us have the trick inside ourselves! Only we can see our angel and recognize him, her, or in this case it!


Some years ago I had suddenly developed a case of very severe asthma and was shocked to realize how frightening it is not to be able to breathe! I sadly got to make friends with my Asthalin, the puff that helped me to breathe. I took it every time I could not breathe. Sadly the cats had to be kept out of the house.


Then slowly the asthma worsened and I had to take more than one puff at a time. It went up to two puffs, then three, and a day came when even four puffs did not work for me! I was aghast as the bottle was finished and I did not have a spare in the house.

Just then an old friend rang up. She asked how I was and I told her about my asthma and the puffs not working. She asked me if I had an onion in the kitchen. Of course I had onions. “Then take a small piece of one onion, crush it nicely, mix it with honey, a spoonful of this, and take it all in. “ I did what she told me and then the angel came down upon me, right there, in the kitchen!


By the time I reached the sofa in the living room, the asthma was gone and I was breathing deliciously. I am still not able to believe this very real angelic sighting! I have never had to use the puff again, and the cats have come in, and I breathe normally every single day.

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