My second daily Real Angel Sighting!


When I was a small girl in a boarding school, too many years ago, I would seriously consider the question regarding angels. Could we really pray to God to send us one when needed? I was already then a somewhat hardened too smart for my own good kind of a person. Angels could not really exist I had already convinced myself and yet when it was time to eat those large brinjals at lunch time, I wished for one to come down from the terrace of the  Aga Khan Palace in Poona where my school was! The angel would surely eat them up for me! And perhaps palaces might be harbouring angels?!!

And of course the angel never turned up. Perhaps in the angel community not one of them liked brinjals either!


Now the odd thing is that of all the vegetables, the brinjal or aubergine is my favourite! I make curries, pulaos, baked aubergines with cheese and many other things! And the dratted angels who never heard my prayers in school, now fly down from their mysterious mansion in the oddest forms! Here is the note about my second angel sighting!


Awful day. Awful, awful, awful. Mishti’s wound showed up again in a small patch on her fur that was worrying! Beulah is worse. Forgot she had thrown the nurse out and asked me when she was coming back. It was heartrending, horrible. The office shit poisoned me with my idiocy, my creepy mistakes and the hell that I lured inside me!


But I bathed, though I did not want to, I cleared up the clothes though I did not want to, cleared out cat shit from two places in the house (though I wanted to just lie down) watered all the plants after refreshing them with both dry cow dung and red mud, though I would rather have just slept, then I lured Mishti into my room when she was sleepy, and slathered the medicine on her wound as she meowed furiously at me and clawed me, though I did not want to, then I had hot tea and a light snack, and watched John Oliver on You Tube and came alive! He is awesome! He even took on the Queen and Cameron to comment that the Kohinoor should rightfully come back to India!

But perhaps his very best show from the ones I have got to see till now, is his powerful, urgent message for all of us (and especially the Trump Catastrophe/Calamity) to think seriously, deeply, honestly about the very real darkening, the human rights issues, and the urgent problems that plague transgender lives. It was very moving, very caring, very wittily done like always.


Was John Oliver the second of my Angel Sightings or was I?!! I think I will have to give him the right to be one! He is too hilarious, too magical, too amazingly a real, honest big mouthed journalist, to not be an angel!


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