The layered Sticky Orange Pudding Magic of Orphan Black


Just when I thought I would start trying to find some rusty iron bits in the house to pamper the African Violets with, to flower, Netflix lured me in with the amazing Orphan Black! I had somehow never watched this series when it first came on my Cable television Tata Sky because I had been a Game Of Thrones fan.

Now that I only have Netflix I decided to give it ten minutes and was then sucked in like a whirlwind had decided to gobble me up! How one  woman can play so many astounding characters so easily, is a delicious puzzle and an endless treat. But so is the unusual science fiction tale, thankfully, very far away from vampires! It is intelligent, creepy, comic, detailed and a real sticky orange pudding!

It became a binge watch and the rusty iron has still to be found. No amount of guilt could keep me away from Orphan Black which even came up slightly more addictive than Black Mirror which is really saying something!


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